2007 has been a great year for BadAtom.com! Despite some unexpected downtime and
site problems, I still received over 155,000 visitors to the site this year. Don't worry, I'll
be changing my web hosting service soon. :)

I released six animated cartoons this year, including "Michael's Stand-Up 5" which featured the cleverly spliced-together voice of
comedian Dane Cook. It was the most complicated animation I've ever done, and it took four and a half months of on-and-off
work to complete. After I finished it, I took a break from animating to work on my other projects.

2007 was the breakout year for my web videos! This year, I made a total of 38 original web videos,
including 17 installments of "Late Night Boredom". They can be found on my site, as well as YouTube,
MySpace, LiveVideo and CollegeHumor. Altogether, I've had over 25,000 views, which is pretty good
considering no one knows who I am. :)

I discontinued all my comic strip series this year to focus on my animated cartoons and other projects.
I converted the whole collection of "Food Adventures" comic strips into a convenient Flash
slideshow, and did the same with my "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book. Next year,
I'm going to release a complete collection of my comic strips, as well as the "Fourth Grade
Nightmare" comic book, through my Lulu.com store.

2007 has been the biggest year yet for my music! Over the course of the year,
I released a total of six "Original Themes" CDs.

Volume 1, "It All Has to Start Somewhere"

has music I created from 2003-2005.

Volume 2, "Two Steps Forward"

consists of music from the first half of 2006.

Volume 3, "It Just Keeps Going and Going"

contains my music from the remainder of 2006.

Volume 4, "Who Knows Anymore?"

covers the first half of 2007's music.

Volume 5, "Winding Down"

has my latest music from the second half of 2007.

"The Best of Volumes 1-4"

is just that, the best songs from Volumes 1-4. (It's good to be literal!)

All my CDs are still available for sale for the ridiculously low price of $5.99 each.
I'm not in it for the money - I only make a lousy 30 cents for each CD sold. I just
want people to listen to my music! Volume 6 will be released sometime next year,
and all I can tell you is that the cover will be yellow. :)

I've also continued to put my music (well, some of it anyway) on Newgrounds.com.
My music has been used in over 60 cartoons, been downloaded over 9,000 times,
and has been listened to by over 400,000 people! Wow!

I have BIG plans for 2008!

I have a LOT of animated cartoons coming in 2008! First up is the upcoming series of "Bad Atom" cartoons.
I have 20 short animated cartoons coming - once they're all finished, I'll be releasing them once a week.
Of course, they'll be seen on my site first - people need a good incentive to keep coming back!
While you're waiting for the cartoons, check out the preview page! It has pictures and animated previews.
I also have new, updated merchandise at my CafePress store with the new "Bad Atom" logo and character designs.

I have 11 new videos planned for next year (so far, anyway). I'm really trying to top myself and make longer,
more professional-looking stuff. Expect to see more stupid sketch comedy, more of my evil twin, and yes, there will be blood. :)

I'm also still working on my long-awaited book, "I Laughed When A Dog Got Hit By A Car, So That's Why I'm
Going To Hell". Visit my MySpace blog to read some short chapters from the book. It's coming out soon, I promise!

I want to thank everyone
for their continued support,
and wish everyone a
Happy New Year!

Michael DeSanto