Hey, everybody! I'm still hard at work on my new series of "Bad Atom" animated cartoons and I wanted to show everyone what's in store. I took a different approach with these animations - I drew all the characters in various poses and all the backgrounds from different angles ahead of time. That way I can put the cartoons together more quickly. I have 19 animations in various stages of development, and I'm releasing a new cartoon every week.


An exterior shot of Swirly Top's house.

Here's Warthairy H. Blob and Good Atom's abandoned warehouse.

I designed full backgrounds from every angle, like Swirly Top's room.

Some screenshots from my first few finished cartoons - just a tease.

My cartoons will be featured on Newgrounds.com first!

Promo Animations!

Promo #1: "Running"            Promo #2: "Hey, Bad Atom!"


Here's a sample of the music of "Bad Atom". (Well, about a third of it, anyway.)

And last but not least, here's a quick animation test I did of Warthairy H. Blob, voiced by actor John Mondelli.

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