Flight of the Conchords - Video Game Maps and Tips
by Michael DeSanto

Level 1: The Distant Future

It'll take a few tricky jumps to get to the 1-up but it can be done.

Level 2: Band Meeting
You can get to the 1-up by jumping left from the platform with the ammo on it. Grab the ammo and shoot the stove before heading inside the building.

Level 3: Mugged

Don't worry about keeping Jemaine with you
as you run since you'll leave him behind at
the end of the level anyway. The kiwi bird
in this level will warp you ahead to Level 6.

Level 4: Business Time

Travel slowly upwards and make hit-and-run attacks.

Level 5: Two Minutes in Heaven

The angels are unique in that they move vertically. Fall to the
left at the beginning of the level to grab a 1-up and ammo.

Level 6: The Prince of Parties

You can walk behind the bushes and trees, but so can the squirrels. There is a hidden block to help you get the 1-up in the tree. There is also hidden ammo to the left of the big tree stump.

Level 7: Mutha'uckas

Proceed very carefully and time your jumps to avoid the apples. If you jump over or pass the fruit vendors, they won't turn around.

Level 8: Albi, the Racist Dragon

There is a 1-up hidden in the first cloud. The badly burned Albanian boys are very fast, so time your jumps carefully. Use Albi's tail to bounce high enough to reach the goal sign.

Level 9: Fanbase

When you have a choice of paths, take the
right one and stop. Mel will go right past you
in the other direction! The kiwi bird at the
end of the level will take you to Level 12.

Level 10: Inner City Pressure

You can walk above or avoid many of the enemies on the bottom path. Save your ammo for the enemies on small ledges.

Level 11: Bowie in Space

If you grab the ammo to the right, you'll have
an easy time killing the robots. Wait for the angels
to descend before making the last few jumps.

Level 12: What Goes on Tour...

Grab all the ammo you see because you'll need it! You can take out the big cluster of enemies safely by jumping from below and shooting. There is a shortcut - you can jump over the tallest middle building and skip a big part of the level. After taking out the last fruit vendor, just drop straight down and you'll be at the goal.