10/3/17 - "Ten Minutes to Earth" is now available to watch via the link on the left-hand menu. Check it out! And look for my two latest films coming soon, "Haunted House" and "Exit Interview", as well as our TV show, "I Hate My Job"!

And I'm still booking weddings, family photos and other photo/video projects through next year. If you're looking for affordable, quality photography or videography services, contact me!

3/28/17 - I recently opened up my own studio space in Swanton, OH and I'm now booking shoots for the spring. Family photos, weddings and engagements, senior and graduation photos, and much more. The studio space is also available to rent for photographers working on their own projects. Contact me for rates and availability. I'm pretty easy to get in touch with - call, email, or message me via Facebook!

I'm also keeping busy on the film side of things - getting back to "Spy College 2: Spies Gone Wild!", a short film "Haunted House", my local TV project, and another project for the fall. More news on all those projects coming soon!

11/10/16 - Lots of stuff going on! First off, we're in the middle of shooting "Spy College 2: Spies Gone Wild!" and getting ready to shoot a local TV project soon. "Ten Minutes to Earth" is making the film festival rounds, as well as my short film "The Box" and the music video for the song "Falling Down" by Stretch. I'm currently booking photo and video shoots for the holidays, and weddings and more for next year. Keeping busy!

6/14/16 - Welcome to the new and improved BadAtom.com! Now it's the home base for my new company, Bad Atom Studios. I've cleaned up the place to make things easier to navigate, removed a lot of outdated material, and added links to more easily see my work and contact me. I hope you enjoy the new look, and don't forget, I'm for hire!

5/31/16 - Apologies for the lack of site updates. But something really big is in the works! I've done a complete overhaul of the site and I'll be revealing it soon! On June 16th, we're having a big event at the Maumee Indoor Theatre in Maumee, OH. Kicking things off with "The Untitled Improv Show" at 6PM, an encore screening of "Spy College" at 7PM, and the world premiere of my latest short film, "Ten Minutes to Earth" at 8PM. I'll be announcing some exciting news about my filmmaking future including the new website! Event info here! See you at the show!

10/6/15 - Finally! We are premiering the final cut of "Spy College", Sunday, October 18th at the Maumee Indoor Theatre in Maumee, OH! But that's not all! It's a full-day event, starting with "The Untitled Improv Show" at 2PM, my short films and videos, and ads from our sponsors from 3-4PM, an encore screening of "Max Anderson, Private Eye" at 4PM, and "Spy College" at 6:30! We're going to have a raffle, free prizes and lots of surprises during the show. I'll have presale tickets available this week, and tickets will also be available at the door. See you there!

7/15/15 - Time to finally announce my big secret project I've been working on! I've been spending the past few weeks putting together a live improv comedy show along the lines of Whose Line is it Anyway? with a small group of local theater and film performers and the show will premiere Saturday, August 8th at 8PM at The Moxie in Toledo!

I'm doing this to raise money for upcoming screenings of "Spy College", but I didn't want to do a traditional fundraiser. So we're doing something a little more fun! General admission will be $7 at the door and seating is limited! Remember the date, 8/8 @ 8!

4/21/15 - "Max Anderson" was selected as one of the official entries in the MayDay Film Festival in Evansville, IN! More information about the festival and screening can be found at maydayfilmfestival.com.

11/28/14 - Stay tuned for news about upcoming "Spy College" screenings and events in the Toledo/NW Ohio area! The DVDs/Blu-rays/digital downloads will be available for sale soon as well! Be sure to check out the "Spy College" movie site too!

9/30/14 - We're proud to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of "Spy College"! The world premiere will be Saturday, November 22nd at 4:00 PM at the Ohio Theatre & Events Center in Toledo, OH. It's going to be a HUGE event! More details and ticket info coming soon! In the meantime, check out the new "Spy College" movie site! Never-before-seen photos, cast bios, the teaser trailer and more! Check it out, and stay tuned for more updates about the premiere!

5/10/14 - Apologies for the lack of updates, we started shooting "Spy College" back in March and hope to have principal photography wrapped up by the middle of June. In the meantime, we also have some more "Max Anderson" movie screenings - May 16th at 7PM at the Ohio Theatre & Events Center in Toledo, OH. Tickets are $5 at the door. More info here! And May 17th at 7:30PM at the Launch Pad Cooperative in Toledo, OH. Admission is free and we'll be doing a Q&A session after the show. More info here!

3/6/14 - The next "Max Anderson" movie screening is March 8th at 7PM at the Ohio Theatre & Events Center in Toledo, OH. Tickets are $5 at the door. DVDs and merchandise for sale after the show. Call (419) 261-4088 for more info.

12/18/13 - Only $580 to go for the "Spy College" fundraiser!

10/30/13 - The new fundraiser (with video) for "Spy College" is now up! $880 left to raise! Check it out HERE!

10/9/13 - Just made a bunch of changes to the site! You can now check out my photography portfolio at ModelMayhem via the 'photography' link on the left. I've also added a link to the "Spy College" fundraiser - we're in pre-production now!

9/11/13 - We're having the next "Max Anderson" movie screening Sept. 21st at 4PM at the Vanguard Tech Center in Fremont, OH. Tickets are $5, available at the door. DVDs and merchandise for sale after the show. Call (419) 332-0775 for more info.

"Max Anderson" is also now available as a digital download in SD, HD and smartphone compatible formats. Visit the movie site and order now!

We've also started fundraising for "Spy College" through IndieGogo - for more information check out the fundraiser page HERE!

8/7/13 - The "Max Anderson" movie premiere was a big success! We promoted it online, on the radio, newspapers and TV which was a lot of fun. I crossed a lot of things off my bucket list recently. :)

Now I'm getting ready to release the movie on DVD, as well as send it to film festivals. Right now, you can order the movie poster on the movie site by clicking the banner link above. The DVD and deluxe package with merchandise will be available to order in the next week or so. More to come soon!

7/5/13 - THIS IS IT!

We're proud to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of "Max Anderson, Private Eye" July 28th at the Maumee Indoor Theater in Maumee, OH.

We're having two shows at 7PM and 9PM (NOTE: Showtimes subject to change). I have tickets available for both shows, call or text (419) 704-0877. Or email me at michael@badatom.com. Tickets will also be available at the box office the night of the show. $5.00 general admission, seats are limited, get yours now!

We will also have DVDs and other merchandise available for sale and prizes to give away! Meet & greet with the cast and crew, it's going to be a big red carpet affair! ONE NIGHT ONLY! So don't miss it!

5/6/13 - I'm doing some fundraising for the "Max Anderson" premiere and DVD production and I need all the help I can get! Click HERE to donate via PayPal. $575 to go!

4/10/13 - It's been a while, but it was time to make some massive changes to the site to better reflect what I'm working on now. I'm making myself available to hire for small video editing/production projects and photography. Not to mention getting ready to release "Max Anderson" and preparing for my next film, "Spy College". Hope everyone likes the new look! And be sure to check out the "Max Anderson" movie site too!

12/12/12 - You can read the "Max Anderson" cast bios here. More to come soon!

12/11/12 - Finally added the rest of the Zelda sketches to the Videos section, and updated, cleaned up and streamlined the site a little bit more. I'll also be adding a section for the movie soon with more photos, behind-the-scenes info, character/actor bios and all that good stuff. For now, you can check out the photos on the Facebook group page by clicking the link above. And I'm now accepting donations to help fund the movie premiere next spring. It will cost upwards of $400 to screen the film so I need all the help I can get!

9/21/12 - It has been WAY too long since I've updated my site. I'm currently in post-production on "Max Anderson, Private Eye" and my focus has been on that, but I'll get back to keeping the site current very soon!

4/8/12 - I just posted the third Zelda video, check it out! And we're about 75% done shooting "Max Anderson, Private Eye", we have another 7 days of filming ahead of us. The Kickstarter fundraisers have ended but we're still accepting donations via PayPal! :)

And for more "Max Anderson" info, be sure to check out the Facebook group page here! Lots of behind-the-scenes photos and screencaps!

3/3/12 - I've been neglecting my site lately! I just added the first two Zelda sketches to the Videos section with some behind-the-scenes info, and I'll be adding more info about my upcoming movie soon!

1/18/12 - It's a new year, and I'm working on streamlining my site to make it more efficient. I've already made a few changes and expect to see more!

I'm also really busy getting ready to shoot my first feature film. I'll be posting a lot about that all year long!

11/30/11 - I play a Rebel soldier writing letters to his love back home in "Civil War Correspondence". Watch it now!

11/7/11 - Just in time for the latest Twilight movie, our parody is here! "Twilight: Bella's Choice" Hope it was worth the wait!

10/8/11 - Here's the next Hayworth 2012 video - 60 Second TV Spot Watch it now!

I also just posted some pics from our upcoming Zelda sketches on my Facebook and Tumblr.

9/18/11 - My not-so-timely "127 Hours" parody is here, check it out! "12.7 Hours"

9/5/11 - "Hayworth 2012: Presidential Announcement" - The first in a series of political sketches!

8/21/11 - In my latest video, my car tries to rape me. But it's funny! "Forbidden Love"

8/5/11 - Something to keep everyone entertained while I work on more videos - my own cover of the Nyan Cat theme! Watch the video here and download the song here!

7/19/11 - Here's a short video for everyone, a parody of Abbott & Costello's famous "Who's on First?" routine. "Who's on First? No, Really?"

And don't miss out on the "Stupornatural" Making-of Documentary!

6/18/11 - Enjoy the "Stupornatural 3" outtake reel! WARNING: Not for the little kids!

6/10/11 - After over six months of work, "Stupornatural 3" is finally here! Hope it was worth the wait! Watch it now!

6/2/11 - It's been a while since the last update, huh? Just wrapping up "Stupornatural 3" and getting all the bonus features ready! Be sure to check out Trailer #1, Trailer #2 and download the complete soundtrack! The video's coming out June 10th!

3/5/11 - While we're still working on "Stupornatural 3", you can check out this crazy video I threw together to make fun of the recent Charlie Sheen madness. It's "The Charlie Show!"

1/11/11 - "highfivenick" is finally done! It's a very unusual video, and I highly recommend checking out highfivenick's channel on YouTube before watching the actual video. It'll make a lot more sense!

1/7/11 - Happy 2011 everyone! I've been extremely busy the last couple of months and I feel guilty for not updating the site...

We started shooting "Stupornatural 3" recently, if you want to stay updated I recommend checking out this link frequently for updates.

I'm also editing two videos I shot back in November, "highfivenick" and "Forbidden Love", not to mention all the miscellaneous projects I've had on the side. And there's more to come!

10/15/10 - It's scarier than "Saw". It's more horrifying than "Halloween". It's "Basement Confessions"!!!

9/15/10 - Here's the "Stupornatural 2" soundtrack, featuring the awesome "Supernatural" theme song cover by Tony Pollzzie and "So Much for Romance" by the Antivillains!

9/9/10 - Sometimes, something so hilariously crazy happens at work that I have to re-enact it and share it with the world! Based on True Events

9/4/10 - As promised, the "Stupornatural 2" outtake reel! Enjoy!

In even more Stupor-news, we just finished writing the script for the third and final installment! It's really long...

8/27/10 - This is what you've all been waiting for. Stupornatural 2 has finally arrived! I still can't believe it's been almost 10 months since I first wrote it! I hope everyone enjoys it!

Stupornatural: Pigskin (HD viewing is highly, HIGHLY recommended.)

If you can't get enough "Stupornatural 2" awesomeness, you can always watch the awesome trailer, check out the photo gallery, and read the behind-the-scenes stuff on my blog!

And if that's not enough, the outtake reel is coming soon, along with the soundtrack and even more photos!

7/23/10 - After exactly two months of work, I'm very proud to present my epic war movie, "W is for War"! You can see the trailer HERE, watch the full video HERE, and download the music HERE.

But wait, there's more! You can also see behind-the-scenes photos HERE, and read about the making of the video HERE!

6/28/10 - My newest cartoon is ripped from the headlines! "Al Gore Sex Attack!" Watch it now!

6/2/10 - I was gonna make everyone wait even longer, but I decided to put my new rap video out now! "Rap on the Brain" It's insane!

5/6/10 - Yes, I still make cartoons! Here's the latest one, "Dinner Date". It's been a long time coming...

And if you haven't played "Spectres' Labyrinth" yet, you're missing out!

4/19/10 - This awesome trailer for "Stupornatural 2" should hold everyone over for a little while...

3/20/10 - I've been so busy working on "Stupornatural 2" and my new rap video that I almost forgot to put this video out! "Writers' Meeting" is my first video shot in HD, check it out!

2/25/10 - Finally, my latest video is here! New Roommate WARNING: May contain evil clowns.

2/9/10 - I just posted a very short "Twilight" parody, even though I've never seen the films or read the books. Enjoy!

2/4/10 - My latest video is here, it's a commercial for the Michael DeSanto Doll!

1/27/10 - I'm busy working on simplifying everything on the site and removing old, outdated and dead links. So if anyone notices a bunch of stuff missing, that's why. And I also started a Tumblr so I can get back to blogging, since no one uses MySpace anymore. Check it out below!

1/24/10 - I just posted the last four Video Game Music Videos on YouTube, and the songs are available to download in the Music section. I've also included some alternate versions to download as well. Hopefully that will hold everyone over for a little while... :)

1/17/10 - And now for a little side project I was working on - a retro-style video game called "Bombs Away!"

I created and designed the whole thing when I was 13, but never had the means to actually make the game. Now it's a reality, and it's also a contest entry at YoYoGames! So not only did I make my 13-year-old self happy, I might win some money too!

1/15/10 - If you liked "Ten Minutes of Sketches", you'll love the outtake reel. Includes deleted scenes and ad-libs that go on way too long!

1/7/10 - Happy 2010 everyone! First up for this year is "Outtake Reel #4". I'll be putting up more outtakes and Video Game Music Videos to hold everyone over while I'm busy working on the "real" videos. :)

12/29/09 - The final installment of "Michael Takes a MySpace Quiz" is here! That's it for 2009, but watch for some outtake reels from this year's videos coming soon!

12/15/09 - It's a little early, but here's my Christmas video! Okay, maybe it's not *exactly* a Christmas video...The Boy and the Burglar

12/3/09 - Ever wonder what YouTube would have been like in the 1950's? No? Well, here's the answer for you anyway. YouTube in the 50's

And for any Trekkies out there, this should provide some laughs - Enterprise Downtime

11/19/09 - The next installment of "Michael Takes a MySpace Quiz" is here!

10/29/09 - The wait is over. "Stupornatural" has arrived! You can watch the full, high-quality version here first. I've included a bunch of fun facts about the video, and be sure to watch the outtake reel. And don't forget about the trailer, behind-the-scenes photos and the soundtrack! Enjoy!!!

10/22/09 - It's scary movie season, so check out my trailer for the nightmarish thriller, "Car Wash" (not a real movie) :(

And speaking of trailers, how about this trailer for "Stupornatural"? It's coming next week!

10/12/09 - I just posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from "Stupornatural" here.

10/1/09 - October starts off with a bang! My sketch comedy show, "Ten Minutes of Sketches", has arrived! See it here first!

I've also added a poll to the left-hand column - I want to know what everyone's favorite video is! Go watch the videos, then vote! It's your patriotic duty!

9/25/09 - This week's video is a bit late, but it's here! Michael Takes a MySpace Quiz (Ep. 3)

I've also posted lots of pictures from my upcoming epic Halloween video, "Stupornatural". Check them out here.

9/17/09 - This week's video is up, it's an all-new episode of "Me & My Evil Twin". Watch it now!

9/13/09 - I've finally made a much-needed update to the Videos section of the site. You can finally watch all my videos on my site without having to go to YouTube or open a new window. It's a change I've been wanting to make for a while now, and hopefully it will keep visitors here on my site a lot longer.

I've also included some "behind-the-scenes" fun facts below every embedded video, like I do for my cartoons. I just started the process so I'll be adding more notes and anecdotes as I go along. Just a little bonus for viewers that come directly to BadAtom.com!

Let me know what you think of the changes!

9/10/09 - The second episode of "Michael Takes a MySpace Quiz" is up, check it out right here!

9/3/09 - Another Thursday, another video. Presenting the sequel to "Multiple Personalities", cleverly titled "Multiple Personalities 2".

8/27/09 - It's Thursday, which means it's time for a new video! Michael Takes a MySpace Quiz It's the first in a series, and I'll be putting out a new installment every other week in between my other videos.

8/20/09 - I just hit 100 YouTube subscribers, so here's a new video as promised! TV Hostage

I have enough videos done that I can put a new one up every week until the end of November. So start checking back every Thursday for new videos! I always update the links on my site first, so visit BadAtom.com if you want to be the first to see my latest videos!

8/8/09 - Once I hit 100 YouTube subscribers, I'll start putting out some new videos. If you haven't subscribed, do it now! In the meantime, here's another theme from my Volume 6 CD, a song I performed for an upcoming video, and a video of our trip to the Ohio State Fair.
I've been busy!

7/21/09 - In other music-related news, I just put up a new Video Game Music Video (watch it here, download the song here) and another video game remix/cover here. What can I say, I'm in a very video-gamey mood tonight. :)

7/14/09 - "At Long Last", the sixth volume of my Original Themes CDs is here! I've been quietly working on it for the past two years in between my other projects.

My music has been featured in over 80 cartoons, games and videos, and on the front page of Newgrounds.com. Volume 6 also features the music I composed for my "Flight of the Conchords" video games.

You can order Volume 6 now for the low, low price of $5.99. (Volumes 1-5 and the 'Best of' collection also available.) You can download a sampler MP3 here, and listen to eight full songs on my Newgrounds Audio page.

7/7/09 - Here's Outtake Reel #3, featuring bloopers and deleted scenes from some of my recent videos.

6/23/09 - It's time for the latest episode of "Me & My Evil Twin"! Watch it now!

6/11/09 - Just what the world needs, another white rapper... My rap song, "Incredibly Poor", is finally here! Watch the music video HERE and download the mp3 HERE.

5/18/09 - Sweet Sweet... is probably the most disturbing video I've ever made, and that's saying a lot. You have been warned. (NSFW, not suitable for children, etc.)

5/10/09 - My evil twin is back, just in time for Mother's Day! Watch it now! (Fun fact: I actually made this video last year, but didn't have it done in time for Mother's Day, so I've just been holding on to it for a year.)

4/30/09 - My "Flight of the Conchords" video games have been featured on fan sites, blogs and now the front page of CollegeHumor! Even the guys themselves love the games ("Brilliant", says Jemaine). Can't get a better recommendation than that! For those of you with a Mac and unable to play the game, check out the gameplay video!

4/19/09 - I just added a Twitter widget to the homepage. What can I say, I'm addicted to it, although the term "Twitter widget" is monumentally stupid. But now you can check out my site directly for updates on my latest projects!

4/14/09 - I wrote and directed a video for a friend's school project, a retelling of The Cook's Tale from Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales", adapted for modern times. This is the uncensored director's cut, the version you can't watch at school! Enjoy!

4/4/09 - "Flight of the Conchords: Second Season" is finally here! Click here to download the new game, and be sure to check out the first one if you haven't yet. Having trouble in the game? Check out the maps and tips! I'd love to hear everyone's feedback on the game, bugs, issues, etc. Enjoy!

4/2/09 - Okay, I have a new video out that isn't an April Fool. :) It's a documentary of our recent trip to the Video Games Live concert in Kalamazoo, MI. It doesn't get any nerdier than this, folks!

4/1/09 - My new "Evil Twin" video is out! Watch it now!

3/2/09 - Follow me on Twitter for the latest news on my cartoons, videos and other projects!

3/1/09 - I've been sick recently, so I didn't have much time to put together a proper "Bad Atom" 15th Anniversary Spectacular Extravaganza Celebration Event. But don't worry, the rest of the animated cartoons are coming this year, so there will be plenty of new "Atom" for everyone to celebrate!

2/19/09 - Watch my newest and most offensive video yet, Girlfriend Requirements. WARNING: Not safe for work, not suitable for children, etc., etc.

1/22/09 - Watch as "Honest Abe" comments on Obama's inauguration in my latest video!

1/15/09 - Check out my entry for the Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub contest for HBO. The more views and votes it gets on YouTube, the better! Click here to watch it!

1/12/09 - The new year means new videos, and here they come! First up is my loving parody of the "Jake & Amir" internet series. I've been a fan for a couple of years now, and I made an original episode in the style of their show. It won't make much sense if you haven't seen their videos first. Highly recommended!

12/23/08 - This year's Christmas video has arrived, and it's called "Holly Jolly Christmas". Some songs shouldn't be taken literally.

This will probably be my last update for the year - I'm currently without internet, and that's really inconvenient when you have a website. But don't worry, I've used the extra time to get a lot of new stuff ready for next year. More videos, more cartoons, and more music, all coming in 2009!

11/16/08 - I have another Video Game Music Video up, and my CDs are on sale again for the holidays!

10/30/08 - My latest video is up, and let me tell you, it's fun to hit people with your car. Watch it now!

I've also been busy making some changes to the site, updating my links and such. Now you can check out the websites of my super-talented "Bad Atom" voice actors. And I changed the background and header to make it more hope-filled.

10/23/08 - My evil twin is back, just in time for the election! Watch the new "Me & My Evil Twin" video right here. You can also read about how it almost didn't get made right here.

10/17/08 - My opponents have no shame. Look at this negative campaign ad they just released. Fight the smears!

I've also fixed some bad links and made the background color a little more Halloweeny.

10/10/08 - You're about to see a lot of new videos in the next few weeks! First up is Finders Keepers. This one stars my friend Charles, and my little brother Matthew plays a dead body. Enjoy!

10/1/08 - My latest video is here, it's a commercial for Crazy Michael's Used Time Machines! It was very complicated to put together - lots of special effects!

9/11/08 - I just put up a special September 11th video. It's okay to laugh today.

I also put up a video yesterday featuring actual gameplay from my Flight of the Conchords video game, check that out here. If you haven't played the game, you can download it below!

9/6/08 - Made a few minor changes to the header, background, etc. Also, the site is optimized for Firefox users, which means it doesn't look quite right if you're using IE. So go download Firefox already!

9/3/08 - I've finally updated the site counter! BadAtom.com actually began in July 2000 as a free GeoCities page (later Yahoo) before getting its own domain. Now I've been able to go through the old site statistics and add the numbers up to get a reasonable estimate of the visitors I've gotten in the past eight years.

8/16/08 - Time for a scavenger hunt!

There are Bad Atom icons (like this one ) hidden
throughout the site which will take you to secret pages containing never-before-seen "Bad Atom" stuff.
So start searching!

8/13/08 - My latest video, "The Night Shift" is here. It's a Vimeo exclusive, but that's only because no other video site could compress the video properly...
Go watch it right now!

8/6/08 - Awesome news! My Bad Atom cartoon, "Reading" will be featured as part of the "Cuentos y Mas" bilingual children's education program. "Cuentos y Mas" airs twice a day on two local stations in the Arlington, VA area. I'll post exact airdates as soon as I know them. For more information on "Cuentos y Mas" you can visit their website!

Now I get to tell people my goal is to get "Bad Atom" on national television. :)

In other news, I'll be putting up the rest of my Video Game Music Videos over the next couple of weeks to hold everyone over while I continue work on upcoming videos. You can check them out in the Music section. And don't worry, the remaining 11 "Bad Atom" cartoons are coming soon!

7/1/08 - It's Double Feature Night here, I just uploaded two new videos, "Trust Fall" and "If Real Life Was More Like a Video Game: Funeral". They're in the Video section right now. Enjoy!

6/30/08 - Hallelujah! Hallelujah! After nearly two years of on-and-off work, my book, "I Laughed When a Dog Got Hit By a Car, So That's Why I'm Going to Hell" is finally finished!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

It's available to order right now through my Lulu.com store for the low, low price of $7.99. You can view the cover art and the first chapter with the interactive preview!

6/22/08 - Congratulations Heidi & Mike on your engagement! (I mentioned you on my site, don't you feel special now?)

My latest video is up - it's from our trip to Columbus to see Flight of the Conchords live. Now that it's done, I can get back to the good stuff!

I update my MySpace page all the time, posting funny blog entries, funny surveys, and funny pictures. Those of you who just can't get enough of me might be sick of me after checking it all out.

And here's the "easy" version of my Flight of the Conchords video game, for those of you unaccustomed to challenge.

Click here to download (7.8 MB)

6/4/08 - For the past nine days, I put all my other work aside and I've been working on a special project. As some of you may know, my Flight of the Conchords obsession knows no boundaries, and I've put together a unique fan tribute. It's a Conchords video game, as it might have looked on an Atari. If you're a fan of their HBO show, you'll get it. If not, you should still play it 'cause it's a good game and after all I spent NINE DAYS working on it.

Click here to download the game (7.8 MB)

Click here for level maps and tips

(I know it's not the same as spending 4 1/2 months on a Dane Cook cartoon, but it'll have to suffice...)

5/11/08 - The next bunch of "Bad Atom" cartoons are going to be delayed for a little while. I'm finally getting caught up on all my other projects and real-life stuff, so I haven't had much of a chance to really work on the cartoons. But don't worry! The remaining 11 cartoons are all in various stages of development. I just need a big chunk of time to get them done!

And yes, the upcoming cartoons are longer! (The last two both run about 2:30, in fact.) On one hand, I'm sick of everyone complaining how short the cartoons are, but on the other hand, I guess it's good that people want more. I'm conflicted.

In the meantime, I'll be putting up more of my "Video Game Music Videos" (I have six of those). Watch for 'em!

5/5/08 - Check out the latest "Bad Atom" cartoon, "Best Villain", right now!

4/28/08 - The latest "Bad Atom" cartoon, "Reading" has just arrived! Enjoy!

4/23/08 - Check out my latest video, a commercial for the "PleasureBed". It's the perfect night-time companion!

4/21/08 - The newest "Bad Atom" cartoon, "The List", is now here. Check it out!

4/14/08 - The latest "Bad Atom" cartoon, "Motivation", has arrived. And be sure to check out my new "3 A.M." parody video!

4/7/08 - The latest "Bad Atom" cartoon, "Bank Robbers" is here. Enjoy!

4/3/08 - I finally changed my webhost, and I just moved all my files over to the new server last night. Hopefully everything is running smoothly now... :)

3/31/08 - The latest "Bad Atom" cartoon, "Spontaneous" has just arrived! Enjoy!

3/27/08 - I just finished my latest video, "Multiple Personalities". It's in the Videos section now. You'll be amazed by the state-of-the-art split-screen effects - who needs a $150 million budget?

3/24/08 - Big day.

My first two "Bad Atom" cartoons are finally here, and I'm a little speechless at the moment. Yeah, they're just a couple of 30-second short cartoons, not really a big deal, but this is something I've wanted to see since I was twelve years old - "Bad Atom", animated. I've lived with these characters for most of my life, and to see them come alive like this is a unique thrill for me. While my ultimate goal is still to get "Bad Atom" on TV, this is an important step in the right direction.

I want to thank my wonderful voice actors for bringing my characters to life: Deven Mack (Bad Atom), Lunacatz & Katie Dehnart (Swirly Top), John Mondelli (Warthairy H. Blob) and Edwyn Tiong (Good Atom). I truly appreciate your work and value our collaboration.

I hope everyone enjoys the first two cartoons, and keep watching, because there are 17 more coming! Check back every Monday for a new cartoon! And don't worry, they get longer... :)

3/21/08 - Mark your calendars, folks...

The "Bad Atom" cartoons are coming on MONDAY!!!

I'm releasing the first two cartoons on Monday, March 24th, following with a brand-new cartoon EVERY WEEK!
If you watch the cartoons here (and you should, because they're here first), be sure to vote for them on Newgrounds.com. I'm also including links to the YouTube versions so you can put them on your own website, MySpace, etc.

My cartoons can also be seen at the following sites:
...and a few more I'm probably forgetting. :)

3/19/08 - I've added links to my "Video Game Music Videos" in the Music section, along with links to download the remixes.

I also discovered last night that I'm the #1 Google search result for "Michael DeSanto", as well as "Bad Atom". That makes me feel special. :)

3/18/08 - My latest piece of music, "Lo and Behold" is now being featured on the front page of Newgrounds.com. That's kind of awesome. Thanks, NG!

3/17/08 - Check out my "Video Game Music Videos" on YouTube! I've made ten of them so far, and I'll be releasing them every couple of days or so to tide everyone over while I work on my upcoming videos. Enjoy!

3/5/08 - Happy 14th, Bad Atom! That's right, March 1st marks the 14th anniversary of my "Bad Atom" cartoon. And to celebrate, I'll start releasing my weekly "Bad Atom" animations later this month!

2/28/08 - I just updated the "Bad Atom" animation preview page with a progress report, as well a music sampler. Go check it out!

2/27/08 - Yes, I'm still hard at work on my "Bad Atom" cartoons! I was sidelined by a computer virus, so I won't have them all done in time for Bad Atom's 14th anniversary (March 1st), but they're coming soon! I'm also still working on my book, and I have 15 new web videos planned. Patience is a virtue!

I've also tweaked a few little things here and there because of Firefox. I haven't completely gotten on board with Firefox yet, but I thought the 29% of visitors that use it might like it if all my site buttons were lined up. :)

2/6/08 - I just released my latest cartoon, kind of a surprise that I was working on for a couple of days in between animating my "Bad Atom" cartoon series. It's called "Goombacide" and yes, it features those lovable Goombas from Super Mario Bros. It's in the Animations section. Enjoy!

1/22/08 - Presenting the new, improved and updated site redesign for 2008! I've made MAJOR changes to every section of the site - I've added some stuff, removed some stuff, and made the old stuff all shiny and new. I've also converted all my comic strip series into easy-to-navigate Flash archives.

Please let me know what you think of the redesign, or if you found any broken links, missing pictures, etc.

1/15/08 - My first video of 2008 is finally here! It's called "It's a Snap!" Go watch it right now or I'll break your neck. :) For some behind-the-scenes info and pictures, check out my MySpace blog!

12/31/07 - 2008 is right around the corner, so that means it's time for the...

2007 Year-End Roundup!

12/19/07 - I have the new 2008 business cards available for download! Print 'em out, pass 'em around, use it as desktop wallpaper, whatever you want to do! HERE'S the large version, and HERE'S the small one.

12/16/07 - So the site was down for five days with no explanation. Isn't that great? I'll be getting a new web host shortly. :)

In the meantime, go buy my "Original Themes" CDs! They're on sale!

12/12/07 - I have three new videos - "A Heartwarming Christmas Video", "Outtake Reel" and the final installment of my "Late Night Boredom" series. These are my last videos for the year, and now I can spend more time on my "Bad Atom" animations. They're all in the Videos section. Enjoy!

12/8/07 - My latest video is here! It's called "Me & My Evil Twin", and it features my evil twin. (What a surprise!) Go watch it NOW.

And yes, I'm still working on the "Bad Atom" animated cartoons, but I'm not releasing them until they're all done.

11/30/07 - I just made a new video, a dead-on parody of the "Cute with Chris" internet show, as seen here. I think he's awesome and deserving of parody. Go watch the video now, it's in the Videos section!

11/27/07 - "Winding Down" is finally here! You can order it through my Lulu.com Store for the low, low price of $6.99. I also have a "Best of" collection from Volumes 1-4 available.

Want to preview the music from Volume 5? Then check out my MySpace profile and listen to it! Want to download select songs? Go to my Newgrounds Audio Page.

11/16/07 - Work continues on the series of "Bad Atom" animations... whoa, deja vu.

In other news, Original Themes Volume 5, "Winding Down" is near completion! Volume 5 showcases my music from the second half of 2007. You can listen to some of the songs right here.

I also recently took a trip to Columbus to see my hero Dane Cook live, you can watch how that went right here. WARNING: Contains screaming, ranting, foul language, and my little brother.

10/24/07 - Work continues on the series of "Bad Atom" animations. Once they're ready, I'll be releasing them once a week for the next five months!!! For a small taste of what's in store, be sure to check out the preview above.

In the meantime, watch my latest videos in the Videos section! I just made two more "Late Night Boredom" sketches, and there's more to come!

Don't forget to visit me on MySpace and YouTube!

9/19/07 - Wow, have I been busy!

First and foremost, I've made a lot of progress on my upcoming series of "Bad Atom" animations. From now on, all news regarding the "Bad Atom" toons can be found through the link above. I've posted both promos and lots of pictures, too.

The site overhaul continues as I get ready to roll out the "Bad Atom" cartoons, so you'll probably see a few new things here and there.

As for my other projects, I recently finished my latest video, "A Monologue". It's very dramatic and I cry a lot in it. :) Go check it out now!

8/29/07 - After thirteen years of comic strips and sketches, "Bad Atom" is finally coming to the world of Flash animation. Here's the first promo!

I also updated the site header, and I've added an actual page to the Music section, instead of just the link that was there before. Go check it out!

8/27/07 - "Late Night Boredom" 13 & 14 have arrived! Go watch 'em now!

8/20/07 - My "24" parody video has just arrived, and it's awesome! Go watch it now, and remember: all events occur in real-time.

8/18/07 - "Late Night Boredom 12" is here, and it's just about the stupidest grossest thing I've done yet. Watch it!

I've also converted the complete "Food Adventures" comic series and the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book into easy-to-navigate Flash collections.

8/10/07 - What am I doing now? Check out all my upcoming projects right here! As you can see, I have a LOT of stuff in the works right now.

8/8/07 - Celebrate the first anniversary of "Imaginary Friend" and check out all the special features here!

7/28/07 - I gave the site a little facelift, and added random funny taglines to the top banner. Refresh the page and you'll see what I mean...

7/21/07 - "Late Night Boredom 11" has arrived - I'm talking back to an insurance commercial.

7/18/07 - My stuff's not just here at BadAtom.com. You can find my cartoons, videos and animations all over the place now...

If you haven't clicked on the About Me section, then you're missing out on my awesome MySpace page! Lots of exclusive stuff there.

My YouTube channel continues to grow - 33 videos and counting! My LiveVideo channel is also coming along nicely.

Thanks to their new redesign, I have a personalized Newgrounds site. And last but not least, "Imaginary Friend" was featured at Mindistortion.net. Check out his amazing animations and games.

I also made a new, slightly fancier animation for the top of the site.

7/12/07 - "Late Night Boredom 10" is here! My evil twin stops by, and you'll be amazed at the state-of-the-art special effects I can do with a $40 digital camera! Check it out here, or on YouTube, or on LiveVideo.

7/6/07 - "Late Night Boredom 9" has arrived here and on YouTube. It's about the one thing I won't do for comedy. Plus, frying pan!

I also have a new channel for my videos on LiveVideo.com!

6/19/07 - "Late Night Boredom 8" is here (in the Videos section) and on YouTube. It's the Late Night News, and it's over 2 minutes long. Enjoy!

6/16/07 - "Late Night Boredom 7" is now here (in the Videos section) and on YouTube. It's just short and stupid. Enjoy!

6/6/07 - Original Themes Volume 4 is finally here! Order now for the low, low price of $6.99! And thanks to everyone who ordered Volumes 1-3 so far! Want to preview the music? Try out the BadAtom.com jukebox above!

6/4/07 - I made some updates to the Videos section, and linked everything in there to my YouTube channel. I have 28 videos on there now!

I have two new CDs coming out this week: Original Themes Volume 4 and a "Best of..." compilation. Watch for them! Want to preview the music? Try out my updated jukebox above!

5/30/07 - IT'S FINALLY DONE!

After four and a half months of on-and-off work, "Michael's Stand-Up 5" is finally finished. Go check it out (censored or uncensored), and I've included a bunch of extra stuff about it in the Animations section. There's even a list of all the hidden Easter Eggs in the movie for anyone too lazy to look for them. :)

I even have a special T-shirt available in my store.

5/17/07 - "Michael's Stand-Up 5" is now 90% done. I figure another two solid days of work and it'll be done. Can't wait!

5/10/07 - "Michael's Stand-Up 5" is roughly 85% done. I probably won't make the May 12th deadline, but that's okay. I like to set impossible goals for myself. :) In the meantime, I added more pictures to the preview. Go look now!

4/29/07 - "Michael's Stand-Up 5" is now 75% done, and I've added even more insane stuff to it. There's even a song in it now. :\ I set a deadline for its completion - May 12th. Watch for it!!!

4/22/07 - "Michael's Stand-Up 5" is about 60% done, so I figured it was time for a preview! It's gonna be awesome. :)

4/13/07 - I added some new features about "Imaginary Friend" in the Animations section. You can watch the animation with my commentary, and you read the story behind the cartoon and check out my original storyboards and concept art.

4/1/07 - Check out the "Bad Atom" April Fool's Special!

3/29/07 - Volumes 2 and 3 of my Original Themes CDs are here! Both volumes feature unreleased and alternate bonus tracks. Order now for the low, low price of $6.99 each! And thanks to everyone who ordered Volume 1! Want to preview the music? Try out my interactive jukebox sampler !

3/7/07 - "Michael's Stand-Up 4" is here! Hope it was worth the wait, and don't worry, number 5 is coming very soon! Want a sneak preview of upcoming episodes? Then check THIS out!

3/1/07 - Happy 13th Birthday, Bad Atom!

2/25/07 - Check out my newest creative endeavor, a web video series entitled "Late Night Boredom". It's a bunch of random funny sketches and stuff starring me. You can watch the first six episodes right here or on YouTube.

I've put my cartoon series promo videos up, and I made a minor overhaul of the site, fixing and updating things here and there.

I'm also still hard at work on "Michael's Stand-Up"s 4 & 5, and I'll be back to working on "Cat & Dog" soon. And if you didn't see the latest "Bad Atom" and "Squeek & Ribbit" comics, go look at 'em now! I'll wait...

2/3/07 - I have a boatload of new "Squeek & Ribbit" comics on their way, and the Valentine's Day themed "Bad Atom" comics are up now.

In other news, the site drew a record number of hits last month - nearly 49,000!

1/25/07 - I made a few minor cosmetic changes to the site, and I updated the links section - now all my links and affiliates will show up on the left-hand side when you click on "links".

1/23/07 - I've just released my first CD, "It All Has to Start Somewhere". It's the first volume of my Original Themes series. You can check it out and order it right here! Want to preview the music? Try out my interactive jukebox sampler !

I'm also getting ahead on some new "Bad Atom" comic strips, including some for Valentine's Day.

1/21/07 - (sigh) Today I turn 25.

What kind of a milestone is 25 anyway? It's not like 12, when you can be legally tried and convicted as an adult. It's not like 17, when you can take your girl into an R-rated movie and lose one of her shoes in the process (don't ask). It's not like 18, when you can go into a strip club and get carded twenty-seven times before they let you in and even then the girls give you a look before they get on your lap. It's not like 21, when you can legally drink, although you discovered at 19 that drinking is not for you.

So what is so great about 25? Well, first of all, my car insurance goes way down. Plus, I can rent a car without them charging me extra. But that's about it.

I look back on the past quarter-century and I wonder about my life and what I've done (or haven't done) with it. I wonder what lies in store for my future, and the hopes and dreams I still have yet to achieve. And I worry about my present, as I scrape frosting from a can and eat it off of my finger. I don't have a paper towel handy, so I wipe my finger off on my shirt.

Anyway, 25 years down...let's try not to waste the next 25, okay?

1/9/07 - I just finished "Michael's Stand-Up 3" - I tell the ugly truth about Pac-Man to a very receptive audience. And I'm working on the next three stand-ups, so watch for them!

And if you haven't read it yet, check out my 2006 Year in Review below. I have some big plans for this year!

1/1/07 - 2006 in Review!

12/29/06 - Surprise! I just finished the second "Michael's Stand-Up" animation. It's a short one, but now that everything's in place, I can make new ones a LOT faster. Expect to see new ones every couple of weeks or so (crosses fingers)!

12/21/06 - I have an early Christmas present for everyone - the first "Food Adventures" animated cartoon! It's called "The Practical Joker" and features Banana. Go watch it now!

36% done with "Cat & Dog" - it's my biggest project to date. I'm hoping to finish it sometime in January.

I posted my animated cartoons, cartoon promos, and some funny stuff from my old vacation videos on YouTube. Check 'em out!

11/15/06 - Yeah, it's been a while, huh?

I'm still working on "Cat & Dog", and various other projects. Check out the forums for links to animated videos from my new DVD presentation! I'm also posting more new music to the Music section, go and listen to it!

In other news, I'm going to be publishing a bunch of stuff through Lulu.com. I'll be publishing collections of comic strips from all my series, the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book, CD compilations of my original musical themes, and more! Watch for this soon!

9/13/06 - "Cat & Dog" has been delayed - I've been working on some other projects, and I'm hoping to have "Cat & Dog" completed by the end of this month.

8/23/06 - 20% done with "Cat & Dog". It's looking great! It's easily my longest and most complicated animation yet. For more info about it, click here.

I also just added the BadAtom.com Jukebox, containing samples of my original music. Try it out!

8/13/06 - I just began work on my newest Flash cartoon, "Cat & Dog". It's going to take me a few weeks to complete it, and I'm going to put a preview up soon.

7/31/06 - I just finished my latest animation, "Caveman Bowling". It's a funny little short cartoon, and I completed it in two days. What's next?

7/24/06 - I've just finished my second Flash-animated cartoon, "Imaginary Friend". I finished it in 9 days, and now I can finally take a nap. :) Go check it out now, and have a box of tissues ready, 'cause you're gonna need 'em.

6/30/06 - Lots of little changes around the site, new logo, etc.

I've also started an ongoing series of "Bad Atom" TV parodies. If you think of a show that Bad Atom and company need to make fun of, e-mail me!

6/19/06 - "Michael's Stand-Up" is here! It's my very first Flash-animated cartoon. It took me 8 days to teach myself Flash and animate the whole thing. Check it out right now!

6/8/06 - Three more new "BA" comics are up. I'm on a roll!

6/7/06 - I just finished a record 13 "Food Adventures" comic strips in two days! I'm probably finished with the comic series now, and I'll concentrate my efforts on the (hopefully) upcoming "FA" animations.

5/25/06 - I've made more than a few changes to the site, let me know what you think!

I've also finished a boatload of new "Squeek & Ribbit" comics, including an extra-long one to finish off the story of their latest escape attempt. Check 'em out!

5/21/06 - I'm hard at work on a slew of new "Squeek & Ribbit" comics. I've also found an animator to work on "Squeek & Ribbit in: The Cage" so I'm hoping to get that restarted soon!

I'm still looking for animators for "Bad Atom" and "Food Adventures" Flash cartoons. For more information, check out my forums.

4/14/06 - The "Bad Atom" store has been updated with new designs and logos! Check out the new stuff!

4/11/06 - I know it's been awhile, but
BadAtom.com is BACK!!!

After taking an unintended six-month hiatus, I'm back with all-new comics and a whole lot more!

So what happened? My computer died on me in October, so I couldn't do any work on the site or scan in any comics or artwork. I also moved to Ohio in January, and you know how that goes. But everything's back to normal (relatively speaking) and now the site is back up and updated again! Woohoo!

8/22/05 - Finally, an update! I just finished eight new comic strips for all three series.

7/19/05 - I just finished a new "Bad Atom" game!

Bad Atom in "The Rescue Operation!"

Check it out! It took me three days to make but it was worth it. (Thanks go out to my bug testers Mike and Matthew!) If you need hints on beating it I'll put them up in the forum.

I also added the complete histories of "Squeek & Ribbit" and "Food Adventures" in the History section, with never-before-seen pictures.

And just in case you missed it, here's the "Bad Atom" Fourth of July Blowout!.

6/22/05 - I finally got my groove back - I'm drawing again! Check out the "Bad Atom" Fourth of July Blowout! It's my longest "Bad Atom" comic yet!

I also put some new tunes up in the Music section, and there's a lot more to come in the next few days, so keep checking back!

And now for the usual advertisements...
Join my forums!
Read my scripts!
I need an animator!
Buy a T-shirt!

6/6/05 - Still looking for an agent...

If you haven't been to the forums yet, check them out now!

I'm still looking for an animator to finish my "Squeek & Ribbit" cartoon. It's 1/3 of the way done, and I've done everything but animate it - the script, the storyboards, voices, music and sound effects. This is a paying job, so if you're interested, e-mail me with some samples of your previous Flash work.

Have you read my cartoon scripts yet? They're all in the Writings section.

5/17/05 - Finally, an update!!! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've made any new comics or updates or anything. That's what happens when real life gets in the way :)

But don't worry - things have returned to normal and I'm going to work overtime on new stuff. I'm also getting back to promoting my cartoons, as well as getting a writing agent - I've written a sitcom script.

And check out the forums, if you haven't already. I'm trying to get everyone from the old forums over to this one now.

4/19/05 - The BadAtom.com Forums are up! The other forums are down right now, and I'm trying to get everyone from those forums to sign up over here.

I've also put some ads on the site (courtesy of Google) - check out the links and help me out!

And I'm looking for a new animator to finish my "Squeek & Ribbit" cartoon. The guy that was working on it pretty much dropped off the face of the earth, so I need someone new to complete it. It's about 1/3 of the way done, and I've done everything but animate it - all the character model sheets and storyboards and script and voices and music and sound effects. I just need someone to finish the animation for me. This is a paying job, so if you're interested, e-mail me with some samples of your previous Flash work.

4/12/05 - Sorry about the lack of updates - I was on a week's vacation, followed by my car breaking down on the way back home. (It's actually a pretty funny story.) Anyway, things are back to normal now, and I'll be getting back to my comics, as well as getting my stuff to the studios (20th Century Fox, you're next!).

I also added another page of "Bad Atom" comics, in case you didn't see them on the forums. I don't know what's going on with those forums, anyway... The BadAtom.com Forum will be up shortly, though.

3/29/05 - I've added another page of Classic Comics, and expanded the Writings section with all my cartoon scripts (as well as some of my non-cartoon stuff). I also overhauled the Media section. If you haven't checked all the new stuff out yet, what are you waiting for?

The Knox's Korner forum is back up now - stupid hackers! Plus I have a new forum over at Crazy Chris's Corner.

3/12/05 - I've just spent the last two days overhauling the site and adding lots of new stuff. I've added some more of my older comics, as well as my cartoon music, scripts and much more. Check it out! And while you're at it, buy a T-shirt, would you? :)

3/10/05 - I just moved the site to a new server - no more GeoCities!!! Those stupid ads they were putting on the side were REALLY getting annoying. Now I have a lot more room and a lot more bandwidth. I'll be putting a lot of new stuff on the site, including some never-before-seen artwork and my original music.

3/1/05 - Happy 11th, Bad Atom!

While I'm waiting to have my pitch meeting with Warner Bros., I'm trying to keep very busy. I'm drawing new comics at a record pace, I'm learning Flash animation so I can make my short "Food Adventures" cartoons.

Have you checked out the forum lately? Lots of stuff to see there, including some things not available on the site. Go now!

Also, in case you missed it before, I added a new article, "How I Draw My Comics", to the F.A.Q. section of the site.

2/22/05 - I made some adjustments to my "Food Adventures" comic strips - I made them a little bigger so they would look better. I've also started work on some "Food Adventures" Flash-animated cartoons. So far, I've drawn the characters and gotten them to move across the screen :) Help!

2/16/05 - I just set a new personal record - I drew 10 "Food Adventures" comic strips in one day! (Look for these soon on the forum.) I'm also looking for an animator to help me out with some "Food Adventures" short films. If you think you can do better than THIS, drop me an e-mail. That's the extent of my Flash skills right there...

2/9/05 - I just added a new article, "How I Draw My Comics", to the F.A.Q. section of the site. I've had a lot of people asking how I draw my comic strips and put them online, so hopefully this will be helpful.

I also fixed a broken link - Part 3 of my collection of random quotes in the Writings section.

2/2/05 - Lots of new stuff going on! First off, I just finished a new batch of "Bad Atom" and "Squeek & Ribbit" comics. I'm really trying to outdo myself this year!

I've also started work on a short live-action presentation featuring myself and an animated Bad Atom. I hope to have this done in the next few weeks.

1/4/05 - Happy New Year! I just finished a week's worth of new "Bad Atom" comics in one day. Let's see if I can keep it up all year :) I'm also trying to find a way to sell my comic collections, but the cost of printing is very expensive. It's too bad because everybody's missing out on all the little details I put into my comic strips. (When I put them online I shrink them down to 15% of their original size!)

I also updated my online store with new merchandise featuring the new logo. Check it out!

12/28/04 - I'm having an End-of-Year Comic Strip Blowout! I just added 10 new comic strips to the archive to make room for the 2005 models coming in! They have to go, go, go!

I also did a little bit of re-tooling around the site, including creating the new "Bad Atom" logo! Let me know what you think!

12/16/04 - The "Fourth Grade Nightmare" Comic Book is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 6 months of on-and-off work, I finally got the whole thing done. Go read it now and tell me what you think!

12/13/04 - "Squeek & Ribbit in: The Cage" is about a third of the way done, and it looks great so far. Gotta give major credit to my animator, Al Gonzales, who's doing a terrific job. Hopefully it'll be finished in the next few weeks (don't want to rush things, you know.)

12/1/04 - Just finished page 23 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book. I'm working on the last five pages simultaneously, and I hope to have them done by next week. Finally!!!

11/30/04 - After a lengthy search, going through dozens of submissions, I've finally chosen an animator for "Squeek & Ribbit in: The Cage". I'm hoping to have it done by the end of this month.

11/16/04 - The latest "Squeek & Ribbit" and "Food Adventures" comic strips are up - I had some free time to work on a bunch of those recently.

I'm also still looking for an animator to work on my "Squeek & Ribbit" cartoon - I've been asking around. Since it's a pretty big project, I'm willing to pay $$$. If you're interested, let me know. Send me an e-mail, including a link to any previous Flash work.

10/26/04 - The "Bad Atom" Halloween Special is here! Check it out! The latest "Squeek & Ribbit" and "Food Adventures" comic strips are up, as well as page 22 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book in case you missed it. Happy Halloween to all!

10/19/04 - This week's "Bad Atom", "Squeek & Ribbit" and "Food Adventures" comics are up, as well as page 22 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book. From the looks of it, I have about 5 or 6 more pages to go.

I also added Part 2 of my collection of random quotes to the Writings Section.

10/12/04 - New comics for "Bad Atom", "Squeek & Ribbit" and "Food Adventures" are up. I'll be finishing the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book soon, I promise!

I also added a new article to the Writings Section - it's a bunch of random jokes. You'll love it! Keep an eye out, I'll be adding new stuff to that section once a week from now on.

10/5/04 - I've decided to start updating the site at a regular day and time, which is every Tuesday at 9PM PST. So now everyone will know when to check the site for new comics.

I've also fixed the Comic Archive since some of my older comics were missing. They're back, and now everyone can see them in their poorly drawn black-and-white glory!

For a sneak peek at the latest "Bad Atom" comics and animations, check out the forum! You won't find any of this stuff on the site!

8/22/04 - Page 21 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book is now up. 7 more to go!

8/17/04 - Page 20 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book is done and will be posted later tonight, only eight more pages to go! Have you checked out the "Bad Atom" forum yet? I'm posting lots of exclusive "Bad Atom" stuff there.

8/13/04 - The latest version of the "Bad Atom" title theme is here! The low-quality version can be found here on the site, and the high-quality version can be found HERE. I hope you enjoy it!

8/11/04 - Have you seen all the new products for sale at my store yet? I just bought myself two shirts, a hat and a button to wear to work! Now you can show your support too!

8/8/04 - I've drawn a bunch of new "Squeek & Ribbit" and "Food Adventures" comic strips, so now I'm turning my attention back to "Bad Atom", as well as finishing my "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book.

8/7/04 - "Bad Atom" is becoming very popular at the new "Bad Atom" forum, hosted courtesy of KnoxsKorner.com! From now on, I'll be displaying my latest comic strips there as well as right here every week. I've even created a new BadAtom.com promo featuring me! You can find it in the forum.

8/4/04 - Just finished pages 18 and 19 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book with two more on the way this week.

7/26/04 - Just finished pages 14-17 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book. Read it HERE. About 11 or 12 more pages to go, and it's gonna be great!

I'm also looking for people's opinions on my music. The NG people don't seem to like it too much. I guess I'm aiming at the wrong audience. What do a bunch of stoned teenagers know about music anyway? ;-)

Have you read my scripts yet? You can read
"Bad Atom: The First Adventure",
"Squeek & Ribbit: The Cage",

and the "Food Adventures" movie!
They're all available on the front page.

7/25/04 - I'm still working on the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book. I'm finishing one page per day, and at this rate I'll be finished with it in less than two weeks! And when I'm done, I'll be selling it at my store!

7/24/04 - Check out all the new products for sale at my store! New shirt designs, buttons, posters and more!

6/26/04 - Just finished pages 9-13 of the "Fourth Grade Nightmare" comic book.

6/20/04 - The "Fourth Grade Nightmare" Comic Book is HERE!!! (Well, at least the first eight pages of it.) I just couldn't wait to show it to everyone! Check out the new "Fourth Grade Nightmare" page and meet all the characters right now!

Have you read my scripts yet? You can read
"Bad Atom: The First Adventure",
"Squeek & Ribbit: The Cage",

and the "Food Adventures" movie!
They're all available on the front page.

6/9/04 - I've been hard at work getting "Fourth Grade Nightmare" ready for everyone to see! And it's going to be BIG. I'm working on a full-fledged COMIC BOOK to introduce the series! When it's finished, it's probably going to be about 25 pages long. It's easily the biggest comic I've ever done.

Also, when I'm done, I'm going to include it with my comic collection I'm putting together. I'm hoping to sell a collection of all my comic series, maybe on eBay or something. I'm also putting together a collection of my own original music, as featured HERE. Maybe I'll make a few bucks selling this stuff on the side, who knows?

5/9/04 - I just finished my first two "Bad Atom" video games, "Bad Atom's Pac-Man Ripoff!" and "Bad Atom vs. Warthairy H. Blob!" They're available for download in the Multimedia page.

4/30/04 - I'm working on a new, top-secret presentation. I can't say much about it, but if it works, you might see Bad Atom on TV!!! Or maybe just his picture. We'll see.

I'm also still looking for opinions on my "Food Adventures" movie script. Read it here. Just look in the "Food Adventures" forum.

4/18/04 - In addition to drawing many more comics, I also finished putting together the music and voice tracks for Squeek & Ribbit in: "The Cage". Instead of looking for someone else to do the voices, I just did them all myself. It was actually kind of fun. Now if I can just get somebody to help me animate it!

I've already completed:
All music, sound effects and voices
Concept artwork
Complete storyboards

All it needs is to be drawn and animated. I will be more than happy to draw every frame, it's just the animating part that I don't get! If you can help me out, please email me!

3/31/04 - I've made the "Food Adventures" script available for anyone to read. You'll find it in the "Food Adventures" Discussion Forum.

I've also been working on a new animated series concept - I got bored, okay? It's going to be called "Fourth Grade Nightmare", which pretty much defines the concept. I'd say 50% of the idea came from my own life. Hey, you gotta write what you know! I'll be putting up some concept art soon. Stay tuned!

Wanna hear my own original music? Check it out HERE! And would you vote on them too? Please?

3/16/04 - Woohoo!!! I finally finished the "Food Adventures" movie script! At 109 pages, it's the longest thing I've ever written. I'm working on the synopsis now, and when it's done, it will be posted in the "Food Adventures" Discussion Forum. Anyone that wants to read the full script, just ask!

3/1/04 - About two-thirds done with the "Food Adventures" movie script. When I'm done (probably sometime this week), I'll post a synopsis.

2/22/04 - Started writing the "Food Adventures" movie script. 15 pages down, about 105 to go!

2/8/04 - I just created my first Flash animation, a test for a "Food Adventures" short film. It's terrible, but go ahead and look anyway. Flash animation is a lot harder than I thought. I'm starting to think it would be easier to animate by hand!

2/7/04 - Wrote the outline for a possible "Squeek & Ribbit" movie. It's basically the pilot script and the first few series ideas. Don't know if I'll get around to writing it though.

1/25/04 - Updated the "Bad Atom" Writer's Bible. Now if I just had a studio executive to show it to...

12/14/03 - Completed the score to the "Squeek & Ribbit" Flash movie. It's a minute and a half of music and sound effects for a planned seven-minute cartoon. That is, if I can ever learn Flash!