Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

I was originally planning to make this video during the winter of 2010. It was going to be called "127 Hours: Blizzard Edition" and would follow the same premise, except it would take place during a blizzard. Unfortunately, we had record low temperatures outside and there was no way I could stay outside for over an hour in below zero temperatures...

I shot the whole video in about 45 minutes, mostly in order so I would get more sweaty and tired, not to mention bloody after I cut myself. Love the makeup, fake sweat and blood!

I would have preferred to shoot this outside but I wasn't able to at the time. Luckily I've been working to improve my special effects abilities and I was able to fake it. The only thing I couldn't fix was the occasional reflection of lights off my sunglasses - watch for 'em!

This was the first video I shot with my wide-angle lens, which actually helped a lot since I was able to keep the camera closer to me to make adjustments.