Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

The script for this video had been sitting around for almost two years before I finally got to make it. I was trying really hard to not be in front of the camera for this one. I actually like being behind the camera the whole time and giving my friends a chance to shine. Major props to Tony Pollzzie and Charles Wetzel for their excellent performances!

I didn't specifically rip off the look of "Saw", it was more a generic horror movie look I was going for. We used Charles' basement as the location, and it looked pretty scary to begin with, it was pretty gross. Before we filmed, he cleaned the floor with bleach and we all got high on the fumes.

My brother Matthew played the masked figure that appears for two seconds.

We only had so much rope, so we had to be creative about how to tie the guys up. Matthew was in charge of that (I think he secretly enjoyed it). The funny part is, the knots were so loose that they could slip their hands out between takes and text on their phones.