Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

After repeated requests to make another Twilight video (since the first one I did was inexplicably popular), I finally relented. This time I was forced to research the movies and books, and learn about the characters, and find jokes that hadn't already been done in countless other parodies. I did not enjoy the research.

It was convenient that my friends and I happened to resemble the characters pretty well. I had a lot of people (Twilight fans) beg to be in this video but I was keeping it short and simple.

We shot the whole video in two days but it took over three months to edit and finish the effects! It took a lot of time to put the video together because the jokes weren't working, I was constantly replacing music, and it was frustrating getting the timing right. Not one of my happier experiences as an editor.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for some of the music, and Anjidu from the Voice Acting Club for the last line of the video!