Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

This is another video that has been in the works for a while. I got the original idea from the time we met Flight of the Conchords after their show in Detroit in 2009. One fan in particular was a bit obsessive and kept talking and touching and generally irritating the rest of us. She also didn't want to "monopolize" their time either. Real life inspires fiction!

I also wanted to subtly comment on the nature of YouTube "celebrities" and internet crazies. I'm often annoyed by YouTube users that become famous for doing little more than pitch their audio up and act goofy. And I'm only slightly famous for a couple of things, but I've had my share of groupies and stalkers. So it's really sad that even "highfivenick" has a stalker!

We had to shoot this very quickly as the sun was going down as we were filming. Special thanks to Amelia Allen for pushing the record button on the camera (heh heh) and her grandma for providing the location!

Charles Wetzel did a great job as the crazy fan! The only thing crazier was that originally the roles were reversed. It was a major "duh" moment when I switched our parts!