Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

This is by far the most complicated production I've ever attempted. The video took three months to write, film and edit. To be more exact, it took two days to write the script, 10 days to shoot, and several weeks to edit. I took my time editing, only working a few hours a day unlike some of my other videos where I'd spend 16-18 hours a day on it.

It's also the most expensive video I've ever made. From clothes to props to renting a hotel room for the night to getting a haircut for my role, I spent over $100. Yes, that includes gas money. :)

We filmed the driving scene out on a road in the middle of nowhere to get away from the lights and traffic. I can't drive without my glasses on so I parked the car and added the driving sounds in post-production.

We had to re-shoot the "FBI agents" scene because of lighting issues. I also had to loop several lines of dialogue, flip, loop and reverse existing footage because of missing footage.

My little brother Matthew, the "Supernatural" expert who got me hooked on the show, helped with the technical details of the script and served as the cameraman for most of the scenes. We both tried to emulate the look of the TV show with specific camera angles, lighting and desaturating the footage in post to get that washed-out look.

The title sequence is an amalgam of all five title sequences from the TV show, crammed into five seconds. It took three hours to make with Macromedia Flash.

I made sure that I didn't use any music or sounds from the show. Everything you hear was created from scratch and designed to sound just like the real thing, from the title sequence to the distinctive "metal teeth chomp" cut-to-black sound.

I've been a fan of the song "Chaotic" by Darynyck for a while now and finally found an opportunity to use it in one of my videos. And they let me. :)