Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

I started filming some of these sketches back in January and worked on the video in between my other projects. I finished the whole thing in June. I wrote enough extra material to make another episode if I want to.

The video contains approximately 30% re-used sketches. The two "Video Game" sketches, "Trust Fall", "PleasureBed" and "Crazy Michael's Used Time Machines" have all been released previously. The plan was to use all-new material, but then I got lazy. I made a few changes to the re-used sketches - I wonder if anyone will notice?

The "Sugar Frosted Sugar Cubes" ad is actually from a video I made for my uncle's 40th birthday. I updated it and put it in to fill a few extra seconds.

After filming the "Emo Song" I kept going for another 13 minutes, ad-libbing a song about how much I hate my parents. It will definitely wind up on an outtake reel.

I filmed a LOT of "Breaking News" bits, so many that the entire video could have been ten minutes of news.

I made the three 5-second Pac-Man animations in roughly two hours.

My little brother Matthew makes his acting debut here as the guy who finds me on the ground presumably making a snow angel. After filming this sketch, the cops showed up wondering why we were hanging around a church at 1AM. I'm now "Known But Not Wanted" by the Toledo city police. Very proud of that.

My friend Charles played the knife-wielding killer, but I overdubbed his voice, much to his disappointment.

Spinning around in circles? Was not planned, surprisingly enough...

The sound effect during the transitions is actually a sound I make with my tongue.