Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

This video is the direct result of watching "The Pacific" miniseries on HBO. I don't remember where the idea to include Muppets came from, but it was the perfect way to satirize and comment on the futility of war. (Also, the idea made everyone laugh.)

I got to fulfill a lot of acting dreams in this video. One, I finally had an excuse to do a Southern accent. Two, I got to play a soldier and get all dirty and bloody and shoot things. Three, I got to play a really dramatic role - lots of crying and screaming and yelling. I took it very seriously and did my best to direct everyone else in the same manner.

My brother the cameraman deserves a lot of credit for this one - we shot it mostly handheld and on the fly. I basically told him where I needed the camera and he set it up. It's even harder when I'm blind without my glasses on and I can't see if he's getting the shot or not...

This video holds the record for biggest guest cast (so far). Everyone involved did an amazing job and went above and beyond the call of duty (no pun intended) to help me make this video something really special! I'd list everyone's names, but that's what the end credits are for. :)